Winging your Window Dressings? Feeling Blind when searching for Blinds? Look no further… Image

Winging your Window Dressings? Feeling Blind when searching for Blinds? Look no further…

18th October 2019

When it comes to your window dressings and interior decor, there’s not much we don’t do. For the last 16 years, it’s been our mission to play a part in creating homes that are stylish, homely and a pleasure to spend time in. Here are top 5 tips on combining accessories, colour and soft furnishings with your window dressings .

Window dressing

What better way to dress the windows in your lounge with seriously long curtains? Not only does it give a look of luxury, glamour and elegance, you can create a soft ambiance with drapes in opulent fabrics and lavish prints.  If the modern minimalist is more your style, why not consider full length dress curtains which are never drawn, paired with a working roman blind in a co–coordinating fabric within the window recess?  This is also a great alternative if full-length curtains are not an option within the space available. The blind will enable privacy when needed and the curtains will add texture to the room.

A splash of colour

Choosing a colour can be overwhelming so we have made is simple, follow these tips and you can’t go wrong. Colours always look darker at the window with the light behind them, so take a sample of your proposed fabric home with you and hold it up at the edge of the window to see what colour it takes on in your room.

Certain colours absorb the light without reflecting it back into the room. Browns, blacks, dark greys aubergines are particularly prone to this, so look at your sample in all types of light – artificial and natural to see how it changes.

Touch of glamour

Use a tactile fabric to accessorise the room with cushions where it will add a touch of glamour and depth.  Remember, don’t worry if you are on a tight budget it’s much better to go for a more inexpensive fabric and have a larger quality than a smaller amount of a more expensive one.


Look at the furniture within the room, the shape of it and the colour, this is important when styling. Sofas and upholstery are often in darker colours if you are going to use them these are best used against a paler floor covering or rug for texture. Furniture in darker colours appear to be much bigger than they are and are best used with coloured cushions to liven them up and break up the heaviness.

As we have said curtains look darker at the window, however, carpets and flooring are exactly the opposite and look lighter. If you have wood or laminate flooring be careful not to use more wood in the scheme. Coffee tables and occasional furniture will look much better with a painted or lacquer finish rather than wood on wood.


Finally, there is a current trend for wallpapering in particular, bold, tropical print and vibrant patterns. Remember, this will make the chosen wall advance towards you and make the room appear smaller. If you decide to do this then to re-set the balance the curtains should be the colour of the other three walls so there is not competition for attention, then use the colours of the wallpaper bravely in cushions and upholstery.