About valeinteriors

At Vale Interiors, we’ve always strived to do one thing – deliver a superior product with exceptional service – and that’s been the case since year dot. Now, in 2016, we’ve got a large workroom, 6 employees and work flooding in every single day. It hasn’t always been like this…

Vale Interiors began trading back in the year 2000 in Redditch market. In those days we only had 13ft workspace and now we’re at 3500ft! Back then, we dealt primarily in fabric.

We sourced the finest we could find, and supplied it to our customers and that went well. Really well. In fact, it went so well that people wanted more! Struck by the unique fabrics we were able to source, customers began to ask whether we were able to do more than just supply the fabric. They were getting the fabric they wanted, but they weren’t able to find people to make and fit their window dressings to the standard they needed.

Vale Interior Team Redditch

With more than enough expertise in our team, we were ideally placed to cater for that demand. But we needed more space.

We moved once, and then again, as the space required to provide for our customers’ needs grew ever greater. As time went on we added other services in, from blinds to plantation shutters, and over time we became known as Worcestershire’s number one window dressing manufacturer.