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Be Bold, Be Brave!

23rd October 2019

Be Bold! Be Brave! And don’t be afraid! to experiment with colour samples before applying to an interior, a colourful interior is much more interesting and oozes personality more than a neutral ‘play it safe’ scheme.

When it comes to colour it is important to remember that dark colours retract and so if applied to a small room can make this space feel smaller. For rooms with high ceilings for example this is a perfect technique to give a ‘cosier’ feel.

If you have a blank canvas in your room and don’t know where to start then be best is to compile images you like. Its also worth looking at coming trends and maybe picking one or two aspects and incorporating this is your design. I wouldn’t suggest fully embracing a current trend unless you are sure you’re going to like it for a long time. If you think after a year you’ll be bored of it then it’s worth working smaller aspects into the scheme rather than full on embracing it.

Use plants to accessorise and brighten an interior. Adding a beautiful coloured orchid or maybe some luscious green house plants can add a dash of colour to liven up your living space.

To brighten up a plain bathroom interior try adding some unique tiles as a sink splash back. The minimal decorative effort can have a beautiful effect and will add a hint of decorative adornment to the room.

For a unique and interesting effect try using wallpaper on sliding doors such as built in wardrobes this can add a feature to a interior and it certainly makes a change from plain wooden doors.

If using wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom be sure to use washable wallpaper. This is just normal paper with a thin layer of transparent glaze that protects and will allow you to easily wipe splashes and stains without ruining the paper itself.

Vinyl paper is also another option when it comes to protecting walls, perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or children’s playroom.

Using huge repeat patterns on wallpaper in a small room can make it even smaller. Try a sample piece in the room to ensure you avoid this affect. Alternatively maybe just apply the paper to just one wall to make a ‘feature’ or look for a smaller alternative pattern that won’t make the room shrink.

Wallpaper can be used to line the backs of shelves. It looks eye catching and adds more depth to the shelves.

When choosing colours for an interior consider the psychological effects of the colour. For example red, when used in huge quantities has been shown to increase blood pressure and can make people feel stressed. However, it s also known to stimulate conversation and increase a person’s appetite and so is often used in dining rooms and kitchens. Yellows in different colour strength can also have different effects. Yellow can be used to brighten a room and create a happy atmosphere although used in a large amount it can be known to irritate people. Greens can be used to soothe and relax an individual although some shades of green can do the opposite and cause sickness.

Combining plain block coloured fabrics with perhaps a patterned tie back creates an interesting display. The tie back works well if it matches the soft furnishings or bedding within a room.

If you do opt for a darker coloured painting a small room, try just painting one wall for an ‘accent wall’ and leaving the rest white. The splash of colour will look beautiful but wont over power the space.

If you are stuck for colour inspiration or baffled by which colours work look at nature. For example, flowers in the garden, leaves or even the feathers on a bird. Nature uses great colour harmony and can be a huge inspiration for colour.

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